We handle and hang art.
We produce new art for artists, and install it.
Sometimes we stretch art and restore it.

We also build exhibitions, and design them too.
And we design lighting for them.

We prototype for retail, as well as produce displays, and pack and ship them. 
We work in a million different materials, by hand and by machine.
We like a challenge.

We find solutions.


  • Consulting
  • Designing
  • Displaying
  • Fabricating
  • Hanging
  • Installing
  • Lighting
  • Producing

Hangmen has been working in the cultural sector for many years, our customers return to us for small intricate jobs as well as larger more ambitious projects.
We have the in-house expertise and experience for handling and correctly assessing and packing art.
Our team work both in our studio and on-site at galleries and museums installing.

We know how to design, make, pack, ship and install unique displays locally and all over the world. On larger projects this one-stop-shop can save a lot of time and stress.


  • Events
  • Galleries
  • Institutions
  • Interiors
  • Museums
  • Private homes
  • public artworks
  • Public spaces
  • Retail
  • The stage
  • Window Displays

Our foundation in art, and the combined experience of our staff provides valuable input in the creative process when working with artists and designers.

We have developed strong relationships with our clients over the years and they trust us to get the job done at a high standard.


We work with artists like:


Allora & Calzadilla
Marina Abramović
Leontine Arvidsson
Bigert & Bergström
Miriam Bäckström
Alvaro Campo
Phil Collins
Theresa Traore Dahlberg
Jacob Dahlgren
Andreas Eriksson
Jens Fänge
Susanna Jablonski
Åsa Jungnelius
Gunilla Klingberg
John Kørner
Katarina Löfström
Jarl Ingvarsson
Meta Isaeus-Berlin
Sharon Lockhart
Maider López
Jesper Nyrén
Tomás Saraceno
Åsa Helena Stjerna
David Svensson
Daniel Silver
Jakob Simonson
Pia Törnell
Bertil Vallien
Anna Svensson
Liselotte Watkins


hangmenProjects was Hangmens exhibition space, located at Ringvägen 86 in Stockholm, curated by Jenny Bergman and Stephen McKenzie.


Click here to see projects from 2015-2021.


In 2018 the Swedish Arts Grants Committee awarded hangmenProjects the Dynamo Award. An award intended to highlight initiatives that contribute to the creation of new venues where artists can meet their audience.

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